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avakin life hack
Avakin life hack


Avakin life hack Instructions (How To get Avacoins & Gems)

Here are instructions on how you can get unlimited Avacoins and Gems every day:

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  2. Enter your Avakin life username
  3. Select the number of Avacoins and Gems
  4. Solve the captcha to complete hack. Follow instructions. It takes 2-3 minutes
  5. After successful verification, Avacoins and Gems will be automatically credited to your Avakin life account

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Features of our Avakin life hack tool

avakin life hack features

Why so many users love our hack tool:

  • supports all devices
  • unlimited avacoins
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  • unlimited gems
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Some details about Avakin life


Tasks and rules

Multiplayer simulator Avakin Life transfers the usual human life in the virtual city – each participant has full access to a private apartment, the initial amount of money and several purposes. Game rules in the world of total freedom are meaningless – equip the apartment and participate in competitions, meet new players or continue to communicate with old friends, look into other apartments and have fun!

Players and communication

Each virtual resident in the simulator Avakin Life for Android is real-it’s a real player hiding behind the mask of the newly minted character. And because it is important to show individuality-to change the style of clothing and interior in the apartment, cunning in communication and really fun to have fun! Communication is possible in text chat, of course, with active protection against spam and obscene language.

Apartment and freedom

Download Avakin Life for Android is recommended to fans of the SIMS project in exactly the same as the simulator of human life, however, develops in a virtual space with other players. The main goal – to reveal the talents in the art of furnishing the apartment: try to surprise the whole world and attract attention to yourself! 00 at the moment, this is the best game I’ve ever had. The game allows you to make dreams come true, though in the virtual world.
In it can be absolutely everything. Buy a home, arrange them to your liking. Large selection of clothing, often add new. An incredible number of animations, poses, dances, actions.

What’s else?

Another plus is that you can communicate, meet new people, find your love.

A large number of locations, restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, beach, Park.
Very addictive. When I started playing, honestly, I did not think that will delay so.
The game has 40 levels, each of them give a certain amount of coins (they Aucoins)through which you can buy something. The amount increases with each level. Very interesting game, I advise you to download.

Graphics, gameplay, management, chat, profile, messages
The game freezes (sometimes)
Hello dear readers of Ottavio!
The game “Avakin Life”, known by everyone, is very popular at the moment. But still, I want to reveal all – and +…

Boot screen. Quite colorful and detailed. The screen has no disadvantages

Your Avakin Appears on your home screen. There are hints, construction machine, friends list, news messages etc.

Here’s your list of friends. You can click on a friend’s name to invite him to where you are, write messages and enter the scene where he is.
Also in the game a lot of locations, gifts, things, etc.
You can buy what you want for in-game money. If no money can use real money to purchase game coins with PayPal or MasterCard etc card. In-game money purchase prices are listed in the game.

Avakin can disguise and give him a tattoo (also to buy). In the beginning, give the original stuff, Pets, money, hair and apartment.


Let’s move on to the style of your apartment. Furniture, walls, Pets, etc. can be changed, you can only decorate the apartment and everything is ready!
There is a chat, you can change the color of the message to see who’s staying in the apartment, and just chat!
How else to make money? You can watch videos for free and get coins, you can play other games (web and Android), or you can play a mysterious box by getting items for free!

Level, how to improve it? It’s very simple! Collect income, raise the level!

Reviews fo avakin life hack tool

avakin life hack tool screenshoot
avakin life hack tool screenshoot
  • At first I watched the screenshots and videos of this game, decided to download, as he was interested in this genre on Android and like graphics are not bad for Android, began to play, first liked it, but then it became boring, because the locations though a lot, but they are very small. Yeah! I do not deny the communication with the players gave me a lot of fun, but the location really made the usual square, but I liked the fact that it is possible to kastomiziruet their homes, also a lot of clothes, different chips have something to do, but of course I didn’t find any players and communicated mostly with the British, but this is too funny. I recommend to play this game, especially the girls, they just should like it!
  • Played a couple of days. At first sight – all very nice and with many features. Yes, the graphics are at a decent level, but this game slows down, it takes just an incredible amount of memory (every time when someone comes to visit loads all the textures). The functionality ends with” dance”,” jump ” and correspondence in chat. Furnishing the apartment will take a ton of time. No donation is to get a normal thing to expect 9000+ hours. Principle, the game is designed to communicate, but you can communicate on other, more reliable and interesting platforms. Avakin life hack is best way to get advantage in this game. Perhaps someday the developers will optimize all normal conditions, but so far, I can’t put a high rating.
  • The game is very beautiful, it has a lot of features, it’s like Sims4. She’s the only one online. And it’s very cool. but in 2016 or 2017(I can’t exactly remember) all the hacks on the game and the cheats are useless. Now Avakin Life has become completely boring. Download steel last a very long time, and full house (you have to pay money if you don’t want to save) have to spend their money. And this is very bad, and before you could enter the code, or to download a version of “Hacking”. Now these versions (breaking) it is necessary to wait while will update, after all it is impossible to play in old versions. In General, I liked the game, there are very beautiful views, and the like… If the break-in game had been updated, I would have said that this is the most fun game, but alas. Those who are interested, download. But you after 2 days remove this hack tool. I got a game this was, but I an avid player)
  • Developers obviously tried to 3D-graphics of the vast world, animation and gameplay. But I would like to get a better has been drawn, hair texture, and then at character creation they have some poor quality. I was so happy when I found out that you can create your clothes for free – it is very convenient. Hack tools is great! The following, liked in this game – players of different Nations and nationalities. So here’s a game method I improve my knowledge of foreign languages: English and French. Other languages are also available in the virtual country. To complement your story want wide variety of different kinds of locations and institutions ( the player will not be bored). Tasks are not so much, just to chat, develop the skill of other languages, have fun.
  • Dignities:
    Good 3D graphics, a lot of opportunities, communication for every taste and age, cheap prices for avacoins (Android), optimization. Also good hack tool and cheats.
    Expensive prices for things, no job to earn money.


What you need to do in this game

Yes, it’s simple: dress, level up and communicate with people from different countries, everything is so simple and not quite difficult.

What does the game look like?
The game itself looks quite optimistic and optimized, and it will be nice to play. Here is a photo of the entrance to the game:

Character profile

avakin life character

How are the characters having fun?
Players play it by going to different clubs, Islands, shops and communicate in different languages depending on the country or Republic. They can also invite their friends ‘ apartments and to host events there.

What cons there is have game

Cons in particular always clean and it is pleasant.
Here is such cons now and then there is:
The iOS much more than the coins are worth than on Android. (Example: the cheapest price the game is 35 rubles in iOS, everything is very expensive 75 rubles) toist you sensed the difference, where to save.
No job, without it the game is developed poverty. Will have to climb in Tapjoy and earn. But in my case, my character is not poor. But it will soon add the developers promise.

The game is very well turned out, this is the only project LKWD which I respect and will play throughout life, and if you sell what money then the cost will be? However fans Avataria and other virtual worlds are encouraged.

Types of Avakin life hacks

avakin life hacks

Hack for avacoins

This hack allows you to get unlimited avacoins in game. This will give you an undeniable advantage in the game. So you can greatly improve your game character. In order to start the hack click the button above.

I would like to share with you my opinion about the avacoins hack on Android, which is called Avakin Life. The game is very attractive. You can do anything you ever dream about in it. Buy property, go to places of entertainment for every taste. Make different acquaintances, meet and fall in love. Communicate with friends and girlfriends. This is a game with levels. Just their forty units. For each passed level you are given a certain number of coins that you can spend. You can buy clothes. The choice of clothing is very large. I really liked the game. Simulation of real life.

Hack for gems

For diamonds you can get anything in this game. In order to generate gems you will need an online generator tool.

You will be able to get:

  • unlimited diamonds (gems)
  • Health
  • Unlimited things
  • special gifts
  • additional features
  • compatible with all devices

Private cheats

avakin life private cheats

When I first downloaded Private cheats, just to please that you can make yourself a character, not to play the same. Pleased to see that graphics on a 5+. And in the rest of the so the without useful and stupid plaything. Go through the virtual city without any sense. Sometimes you talk to other Sims that are as big as you.

Generator tool

Game for almost 4 years, it appeared in the fall in 2014, its popularity is only growing and improving. And avacoins generator tool become available in 2018. It allows you to generate everything in the Avakin.

If you like shooters, strategy, RPG then I do not advise you to read all about generator.

You don’t need to download it. Just start online hack by click on button.

System requirements for avakin life hack tool

  • Hack tool compatible with all devices: iOS and Andriod.
  • Also you can run hack tool on PC, if you use Android emulator.
  • For online hack you just need internet connetction

Advanced details and video review

Final words

avacoins and gems

So… In our Avakin life hack website you can get everything for this game. First of all, start with our generator hack tool and generate some Avacoins. If you find any bugs, please contact us. We will create update.

Enjoy it!

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